Friday, 19 November 2010

Round 9 from My Heart Exposed Yarns

Round 9 from My Heart Exposed Yarns : a loose theme for this round is Seasonal Movies so my teenage daughter Angelica and I have based the names for your fibre samples on one of our favourite movies "Back to the Future". Everything is included from Doc Brown's "Great Scott!", 1985 to the Clock Tower, a range of fibres, corriedale, falkland, super fine merino and my own personal favourite from the British rare breed of sheep Shropshire. I wonder which one you will enjoy in amongst your samples?

We had a lot of fun with these so hope you love your fibre too. Each one comes wrapped in a neat little parcel, a little silver heart charm attached to the plait inside which we give as a special little keepsake for you to say thank you for trying our fibres.

I very much look forward to seeing your finished projects made with these samples. You can connect with me on Ravelry as myheartexposed or leave a comment on the MHE Yarns Facebook fan page.

Wishing all of you a wonderful December and end of year celebrations, hope the new year brings you everything you wish for and more.

All our love as always,
Helen & Angelica