Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Round 7 from My Heart Exposed :)

Round 7 arrived so quickly for me, in between the upstairs of the house being decorated, our youngest of six children Harvey turning the big three this week, spinning during the Tour de Fleece and lots of other general chaos, I thought I might have to skip this round but with the help of my beautiful thirteen year old daughter Angelica, between us we managed to get the samples ready and they are now on their way to Fibreholics for you to enjoy.

The theme for this round is "Summer Sun" so as this August is a bit special for me, I am celebrating turning 40 on the 6th, I thought I would do three lots of different fibre samples with artistic interpretations on the theme.

First we have 'Meditations' in extra
fine merino, subtle shades of lilacs, violets and pale sunshine; next we have "Summer Days of Fairground Fun" an exciting blend of sunshine pinks and turquoise; last but by no means least we have 'Golden Sands' a gorgeous woollen fibre from the British rare breed of sheep only found in the heart of England 'Shropshire' dyed in subtle dreamy golden sandy shades. Each sample comes with a small little silver heart charm for you to keep as a special keepsake from me so be sure to look out for these attached to the purple ribbon tied to the label.

I make all my natural dyes myself each one
taking three to five days to achieve then the fibres are dyed using a unique developing process to extract the colours from the liquids which takes a further three to five days. No harsh chemicals or irritants are ever used so the fibres are kind to your delicate skin and our environment.

Hope you love these samples as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you. I wonder which one you will receive, no two are identical so all are unique and very special :)

All our love

Helen and Angelica x