Friday, 1 October 2010

Round 8 Sneak Peek from Crafty 'n' Clothy

I used this round to have a play with some really bright colours. All dyed on a base of 100% merino 4ply sock yarn.

Bottom Row:

"Northern Lights" mixes bright pink, purple and orange as splashes of colour on the undyed yarn.

"Playground" is a bright mix of green, blue and orange

Top Row:

"Emperor" is a a mix of purple, yellow and green

"Candlelight" combines undyed yarn, shades of orange and scarlet.

The skeins above will be available to buy on our Etsy shop once the samples go on sale at Fibreholics. They are all priced at approx £8/100g (actual price will depend on exchange rate at time of purchase).