Friday, 19 November 2010

Round 9 from My Heart Exposed Yarns

Round 9 from My Heart Exposed Yarns : a loose theme for this round is Seasonal Movies so my teenage daughter Angelica and I have based the names for your fibre samples on one of our favourite movies "Back to the Future". Everything is included from Doc Brown's "Great Scott!", 1985 to the Clock Tower, a range of fibres, corriedale, falkland, super fine merino and my own personal favourite from the British rare breed of sheep Shropshire. I wonder which one you will enjoy in amongst your samples?

We had a lot of fun with these so hope you love your fibre too. Each one comes wrapped in a neat little parcel, a little silver heart charm attached to the plait inside which we give as a special little keepsake for you to say thank you for trying our fibres.

I very much look forward to seeing your finished projects made with these samples. You can connect with me on Ravelry as myheartexposed or leave a comment on the MHE Yarns Facebook fan page.

Wishing all of you a wonderful December and end of year celebrations, hope the new year brings you everything you wish for and more.

All our love as always,
Helen & Angelica

Friday, 1 October 2010

Round 8 Sneak Peek from Crafty 'n' Clothy

I used this round to have a play with some really bright colours. All dyed on a base of 100% merino 4ply sock yarn.

Bottom Row:

"Northern Lights" mixes bright pink, purple and orange as splashes of colour on the undyed yarn.

"Playground" is a bright mix of green, blue and orange

Top Row:

"Emperor" is a a mix of purple, yellow and green

"Candlelight" combines undyed yarn, shades of orange and scarlet.

The skeins above will be available to buy on our Etsy shop once the samples go on sale at Fibreholics. They are all priced at approx £8/100g (actual price will depend on exchange rate at time of purchase).

Friday, 24 September 2010

Round 8 yarns from Black Cat Fibres

Here are the samples from Black Cat Fibres
They are Merino/Tencel Sock Yarn -clour- Candle and BFL DK in colour Michelle.

Round 8 from Flamboyance Yarns

We have two different yarns this round:

Pharos sock - 75% superwash wool 25% nylon, a great classic sock yarn, in colourway "Rainbow High":

Paladin aran - 100% superwash merino 2-ply aran, gorgeously soft, in colourway "Russet Apples":

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Round 8 Spoilers from

This round contributing some yarn as well as spinning fibre, which will be available through my shop if you'd like some more.
Remember if you use the Fibreholics round 8 discount code from your bag you will get 10% off everything in my shop.

British Blue Faced Leicester Double Knit Yarn in colourway 'Sea'. Yardage is aproximately 275/100grams, so each sample will be approximately 55m. The shop price is £9.50/100grams.

Grey Baby Alpaca 50% / Tussah Silk 50% Top, this is a soft luxury blend, dyed with slow graduating colours - 'Purple Spiral'. The shop price is £9.50/100grams.

British Blue Faced Leicester Top, also dyed using slow graduating colours - 'Spiral Sun'. The shop price is £7.80/100grams.

If you get to my shop and the yarn or fibres have sold out, just contact us and I will dye you some more!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Round 8 Teasers from

This round is all about colour, so I had to play with some of my favourites!

Fibreholics Round 8, hand painted Shetland.
I've used Shetland tops...

Fibreholics Round 8, hand painted Shetland.

Here is Gemstone, Rockpool and Sorbet, from my range at I hope you enjoy felting, spinning, weaving and knitting with them... they are lovely to work with!

I'm sure these boxes will go fast at, as there are so many wonderful submissions.

Sara x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Round 8 from My Heart Exposed Yarns

Presenting "Funhouse" from My Heart Exposed Yarns naturally dyed, hand painted, soft Bluefaced Leicester 20g samples for the Fibreholics round 8 sample boxes.

This collection of sample sized fibres were all dyed at the same time using the same natural dyes for each, the resulting variation between the colours came as a complete surprise and was masses of fun to create, hence the name 'fun' as that is how my daughter Angelica and I felt at the time of creating these for you.

Each individual sample comes with its own label with purple ribbon and small silver heart charm attached which are a little keepsake from us as a thank you for trying our fibres.

Really looking forward to seeing these samples spun into your yarns, what ever you decide to create with them we hope you love them as much as we do.

All our love,
Helen and Angelica xx

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Round 7 from My Heart Exposed :)

Round 7 arrived so quickly for me, in between the upstairs of the house being decorated, our youngest of six children Harvey turning the big three this week, spinning during the Tour de Fleece and lots of other general chaos, I thought I might have to skip this round but with the help of my beautiful thirteen year old daughter Angelica, between us we managed to get the samples ready and they are now on their way to Fibreholics for you to enjoy.

The theme for this round is "Summer Sun" so as this August is a bit special for me, I am celebrating turning 40 on the 6th, I thought I would do three lots of different fibre samples with artistic interpretations on the theme.

First we have 'Meditations' in extra
fine merino, subtle shades of lilacs, violets and pale sunshine; next we have "Summer Days of Fairground Fun" an exciting blend of sunshine pinks and turquoise; last but by no means least we have 'Golden Sands' a gorgeous woollen fibre from the British rare breed of sheep only found in the heart of England 'Shropshire' dyed in subtle dreamy golden sandy shades. Each sample comes with a small little silver heart charm for you to keep as a special keepsake from me so be sure to look out for these attached to the purple ribbon tied to the label.

I make all my natural dyes myself each one
taking three to five days to achieve then the fibres are dyed using a unique developing process to extract the colours from the liquids which takes a further three to five days. No harsh chemicals or irritants are ever used so the fibres are kind to your delicate skin and our environment.

Hope you love these samples as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you. I wonder which one you will receive, no two are identical so all are unique and very special :)

All our love

Helen and Angelica x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Round 6 Teasers from

I finished cutting these little samples and sent them off. This round of goodies' theme is 'Summer Garden Party'...
Wild Berry and Sunset together remind me of the flowers in the garden.
Rainbow reminds me of the carnival colour bunting around the marquee.
Meadow reminds me of the tennis lawn beside the Marquee, while Lagoon is the colour of the lake we will boat on. Blaze reminds me of the fireworks we will finish the day with. 

I hope these inspire your work, those of you lucky fibreholics who manage to grab a box of delights on sale day... I've heard they go fast at

If you would like to come and find the stock in my shop, please do at
Sara x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Raspberry Chocolate Sundae anyone?

I have created a treat for the tea party to celebrate the Fibreholics Birthday....2 delicious fibres too. 18mic merino and silk or BFL, baby alpaca and silk...wonder which one you'll get?

I'll have some of both samples in my shop as soon as the boxes have been sent out :)

My Heart Exposed Yarns

Happy Birthday Fibreholics, I feel very proud to be making a contribution to Box no : 6 for June 2010. This is the first time for me too so I am really looking forward to the boxes being sent out to all those lucky enough to buy one, I have followed the past few months sales with great interest and am always astounded how fast these boxes sell out.

From My Heart Exposed Yarns & Spinning Fibre, I have created "English Cottage Garden" spinning fibre from the rare breed of sheep bred in the heart of England "Shropshire" giving you an excellent staple length, beautiful fluffy next to the skin soft fibre which is luxurious to handle and a joy to work with. Only natural dyes produced directly from plants and flowers have been used, I never use harsh chemicals or irritants so everything is kind to the environment and your delicate skin. Any material used in the process of dyeing gets given straight back to our garden to make compost.

The samples of yarn are "Fern Gully" Tencelino Sock Yarn which is a gorgeous silky blend of 50% superwash merino and 50% tencel, the best of both sheep and plant worlds collide to give you a luxurious yarn that drapes exceptionally well and has a beautiful stunning sheen to it. Fern Gully is a delicate fern green colour almost jade green and very difficult to photograph especially as the yarn is so shiny.

The same as when you buy from my shop, every item comes with a purple ribbon with small silver heart charm attached, be sure to look out for these as they are a keepsake from me to you as a special thank you for choosing my creativity to work with. A few people are saving their little hearts up and are going to knit them into a project later, which I think is very special, what ever you decide I hope you enjoy your silver heart charm.

I hope you enjoy these samples, thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute, I hope to do more in the future as time, health and family allows. To learn more about my natural dyeing methods (amongst other things) you can visit my blog and please feel free to leave me a comment to say Hi I would love to hear from you :)

All my love,
Helen x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Happy Birthday FibreHolics!!

This my first time contributing to FibreHolics, and I am very excited about it, especially as it's a year old :) Where does the time go, eh? I took inspiration from the suggested themes of "Birthdays" and "Garden Party" and recreated two of my most vibrant colourways, "Glorious" and "Berries and Blue Sky" for your Babylonglegs samples...
I hope you like them lots......

S xXx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spring samples from The Bear Necessities

Round 5 samples from The Bear Necessities, BFL/nylon sock yarn in Crocus and Parmaviolet.  It's been such a cold spring here in Essex but the one thing you can rely on are the crocuses, they carpeted the roundabouts and verges here and even managed to flower in my decidedly soggy garden!  

There are also two extra skeins of Crocus which'll be added to the shop.  Unfortunately I'll be away for a few days over the Easter period but once the shop reopens, I'm offering free postage on all Fibreholics orders until the end of April.  Just send me a message with your Fibreholics code and I'll refund the postage.  Happy Easter :)

Friday, 26 March 2010


The samples for round 5 are all in and there are some new contributors and some stunning colour combinations. Will try and post some photos - they just make you want to create beautiful things.

There will be 15 Voluptuous bags of fibre, 11 petite bags offibre, 11 Voluptuous bags of yarn and 15 Petite bags of yarn up for grabs. The newsletter could be going out with the information for the early buyers date and the official on sale date for every one else will be 1st April - with all bags being sent out the Tuesday after Easter.

Fibreholics will have been formed for nearly a year - perhaps we should celebrate and make the next round a birthday one!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Round 5 coming soon!

The last round sold out with such speed it was quite breathtaking.

This round is titled 'Spring' so there will be lots of rich new colours and anyone not on the mailing list who wants to buy should sign up to get advance notification of the release date - we are hoping to have an editorial in The Knitter this month and that could mean even more wanting to buy.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year from the Fibreholics

We hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great start to the New Year.  We're preparing the next round of Fibreholics boxes which should be available at the beginning of February.  Here's a little something to tempt and inspire you as the February box will have a theme of valentines and romance. 

1. valentines day, 2. Big Valentine Heart Cookies, 3. Who said romance was dead ?, 4. Happy Valentine's Day. Eat my love..., 5. Our Valentine's Day Cupcake candy cups, 6. valentine westie cookie - red, 7. Big Valentine Heart Cookies, 8. Romance..., 9. Felt Valentines, 10. X + O Valentine Cookies, 11. romancing under the moonlight, 12. Romance in the Rain, 13. Rusty romance, 14. True Romance, 15. romance..., 16. Venice Canal Romance and Mystery in Black and White
If you're a dyer and interested in contributing to this box, you've got until the 25th January to submit your samples.  For more information, you can stop by the Ravelry group or drop us a line at