Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Samples from Wicked Woollens

I've just posted my samples for inclusion in the first box.

I knew there would be a wealth of beautiful dyed fibres going in, so for contrast I've sent an undyed blend in a rather luxurious 60% chocolate brown alpaca, 30% creamy white merino and 10% rich honey tussah silk, these were very well carded together to produce batts that spin up into classy, semi solid heather yarn that has the best properties of all the fibres. The picture is probably a shade lighter than the actual fibre.

For my yarn contribution, I've sent some naturally dyed sock yarn in two shades. This is a good mix of 75% pure wool with 25% nylon for strength, and the shades this time are a solid light foxglove pink, and a gently variagated dove mauvey grey with palest clear pink.

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